ANTV Streaming Online

ANTV Streaming Online

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ANTV in the Lampung, Indonesia, is the first developmental channel that has created itself to transmit the contents with authenticates bulletins with real actual sections. On the day of 1st March, 1993, there was the first broadcast of ANTV, being a local TV Channel in the province of Lampung. ANTV Channel is considered as the most rapid progressing station in country as in the same month of its launch, it was able to get a certificate for national broadcastings from the Government, and shifted its studio room to Jakarta.
However, the ANTV brought about the twenty percents of the shares of other TV’s on 30th of April 2006. And according to the Laws of Indonesia, companies of Foreign could only have a twenty percent of the shares in local companies of Media and therefore the ANTV Television Station has twenty four channels which are covering about the 155 places all over the Indonesia.
The Current Slogan of the ANTV is very charming and the jolly one and that is “Come Home To The Stars”. Although the old slogans are “Wow, It’s Cool” (1993–2003, 2011–2013), “More Cool” (2003–2006).





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