B-Channel Streaming Indonesia

B-Channel Streaming Indonesia

B-Channel Online Streaming

The B Channel from Jakarta is broadcasting the great shows of entertainment in the Indonesia and transmitting with the collaboration of UHF with channel 23. The station was launched on 1st Nov of 2009. The B Channel provides the details segments that are full of functions both for prime time evening to nightly hours and main primary info’s message with real programs broadcasted. It is no doubt that the Channel B is the full source of entertainment and info’s for the audience no matter is it men or women, furthermore, now it has a newer design of transmitting methods for playback every day.
The B-Channel Programs and shows are not like the other TV station of Indonesia. It not only involves the News but also the shows for the Kids are passed on every day on Channel B. the staff of B TV Station Indonesia always proves a an inspiring station for the viewers that’s why it has a slogan of “Your Inspiration”.

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