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Banten TV

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The Banten TV is among the 1st locally transmission TV channels in Serang town as the investment of the region of Banten. Since 28th of August, 2006 the TV Banten started to produce its content that was later on specific as the formal birthday of the channel. Presently the Bantam time TV transmit for about 20 times daily which is already a best transmission time than any other Television channel in the Indonesia, and also it would continue to be enhance again.
All with the improvements in transmitting time, it has improve is also being done greatly and the picture for transmitted. Basically the TV Banten is a locally producing TV channel and the system concentrating on Information, Educations and Entertainments demands of the viewers and passions of viewers in the region of the transmitted system greater for focus on local technicalities which include the viewers as much as possible.

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