Celebes TV Makassar Streaming

Celebes TV Makassar Streaming

Celebes TV Makassar Live Online

The TV Celebes is a locally details TV Channel in Sulawesi area of Indonesia. The Celebes TV is basically producing with the channel of 31 UHF and released in 6 regencies / places in Southern Sulawesi, namely Jeneponto, Maros, Gowa, Takalar, Pangkep, Barru, Pare-Pare and Makassar. The main Slogan of the station of Celebs TV is too charming which says that this station is the “Latest From Tradition Sulawesi”.
The Celebs TV has so many programs as the News Programs includes the breaking News with the Celebes Early morning, broadcasted every Monday to Saturday during the timings of 7:00 until 10:30 pm. While the Celebes TV Spot covers the several Talk shows like the Casual Meeting. However, there are also too interactive shows and programs like the Talk Karebosi, Makassar Corner broadcasted every Monday to Friday during the periods of 9:00 until 10:00 pm.

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