Global TV Streaming Indonesia

Global TV Streaming Indonesia

Global TV Live Online Stream

The Global TV formally known with the name of Global TV is the whole Indonesia and it is a personal TV Channel of Indonesian, centered in Western Jakarta. On 1st Jan of 1998, Global TV was recognized in beginning and it transmitted its foremost transmission on the day of Jan first, 2001 with the development of MTV. On Jan 1, 2002, Global Station started its air-date, and it is initially only passed on MTV applications. Then when it get it’s positioned popular and stong then TV Global initiated to generate its own TV Shows transmission for 12 times a day.
During the old times its slogan was “Millions of Home Entertainment”. While in the present era its Slogan is “Fun”. The other Sister channels of Global TV are RCTI (2002-present), MNCTV (2003-present), SINDO TV (2007-present) and Metro TV (2002-2003, 2007-present).

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