Kompas TV Streaming

Kompas TV Streaming

Kompas TV Online Streaming

The Kompas TV on 9th Sept of 2011 with a great efficiency of transmission. It is being an Indonesian popular TV and the well known location of Jakarta is a Television stuff company that is working under the Group of Kompas Gra-media. The Kompas TV is a very strong part of Television Media Group depending on Kompas viewer demands every day. The TV Channel of Kompass is one of the most pleasing and charming Indonesian details transmitting Channel that was recognized by Edward Oetama.
The Kompas TV also has a Tag Line of is “Indonesia’s Inspiration”. Kompas TV is the only channel which is providing its services in the HD Format and has proven itself as a cast of Indonesia’s first station to air high-definition programs which are presently can be seen only on Aora TV too. TV Kompas Indonesia also initiated its transmission via regional TV systems in few of the Indonesian regions. The whole of the TV Systems of the location presented 70% programs and the contents and only this awesome station is providing the 30 % TV programs.

Kompas TV Standard Quality


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